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SL (Static Line) Theoretical Training
Spadochrony - online
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Spadochrony - online

SL (Static Line) Theoretical Training

SL (Static Line) Theoretical Training

Make your dream of the sky come true. Get ready for your first Static Line skydiving experience with our online theoretical training.


The theoretical training has a convenient form of e-learning, which is adapted to the students' individual pace of learning. During the training, student skydivers will learn about the following:

  • provisions of aviation law,
  • human possibilities and limitations,
  • general safety in skydiving,
  • the theory of skydiving,
  • rules of skydiving,
  • gear used in skydiving.

After you purchase the training course, we will send a registration code to your email and grant you access to the e-learning platform.

Watch each presentation till the end and send back the result, otherwise it will not be counted and you'll have to watch it again.

You cannot skip forward but you can play back.

The videos will be followed by control questions, which you must answer to continue watching.

After watching all the videos, you will pass a test. A minimum of 75% of correct answers is required, otherwise you can start the test again after 15 minutes.

After you pass the test, we will email you a certificate confirming the completion of the training course, and, in another email, the same certificate electronically signed via ePUAP.